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New Custom CNC Vertical Lathe Build

Completed CNC Plate Dressing Wheel Turning Lathe
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Completed CNC Plate Dressing Turn Mill Wheel Turning Lather
  CNC Plate Dressing Wheel Turning Lathe
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CNC Plate Dressing Turn Mill Wheel Turning Lather
  New CNC Plate Dressing Wheel Turning Lathe
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New CNC Plate Dressing Turn Mill Wheel Turning Lather

A customer in the railroad industry was in need of a custom designed lathe that could accommodate the turning of components up to 43" in diameter, 12" high, and up to 1200 lbs. It also had to satisfy their run rate of 15, 36" diameter parts per hour, to tolerances of ±005". The entire system was custom designed from the customer's concept and part prints, which included complete sets of prints and 2D engineering drawings. The finished machine, which measured 160" x 170" x 240", runs on 460 volts and features a 150 HP motor, running 240 volts, at 300-1600 RPM, with a 5:1 gear reducer. The machining station features a load/unload station to simplify the parts movement and a control panel with an AC cooler.

Machine features include a table drive assembly, a custom index mechanism, and a rotary coupling and stabilizer. Slide assemblies working together with CNC controls allow for machining of the railroad wheel flange, throat of flange, tread, face outside rim and hub on wheels between 28” and 43” in diameter.

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Highlights of this Custom Designed & Fabricated CNC Lathe Project

Product Description These CNC Machines are used in machining a railroad wheel.
Machine Build Capabilities
Machine Build
  • Mechanical System
  • Electrical System
  • Lubrication System
  • Hydraulics
  • Guards
  • Chip Conveyor

  • Machine components
  • Assemble
  • Testing
  • Installation
Machine Features Heavy Duty Construction Capable of Processing Up To a 43" Diameter, 12" high, 1200 pound part
150 HP DC Motor, 240 Volts, 300-1600 RPM
5:1 Gear Reducer
Load/Unload Station and Machining Station
Table Speed: 10 to 80 RPM
Runs on 460 Volts
Electric Control Panel with AC Cooler
Hydraulic and Lubricating Systems
Overall Machine Dimensions 160" x 170" x 240"
Tightest Tolerances .005"
Components Machine Assembly
Table Drive Assembly
Index Mechanism
Expanding Type Fixture
RH Slide Assembly
LH Slide Assembly
16" Linear Actuator
32" Linear Actuator
22" Linear Actuator
Rotary Coupling & Stabilizer Assembly
Hydraulic Assembly & Pneumatic
Lube Assembly
Electrical Control Assembly
DC Drive Assembly
Guard Assembly
Material Used Part is Made of Steel Forging
Material Finish .005"
Industry for Use Railroad Industry
Volume Machine Will Produce 15 Parts Per Hour With An Average 36" Size Part.
Delivery/Turnaround Time Delivery of Completed Machine: Approximately 30 Weeks
Product Name New CNC Plate Dressing Wheel Turning Lathe Machine
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